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Our Work

Here, you can find out why we get 5 star ratings for our events.  We will give you some examples of our recent work too!



Quality Sound System

We believe in a quality experience for the ears and the eyes.  We have a club standard sound system - even for our smaller venues.  We use industry standard Pioneer DJ equipment.  For the eyes, we have a stunning Lighting system that is programmed to match the music exactly.



This is your forever day.  We won't allow room for mistakes on such an important occasion.  We will go the extra mile to ensure that you and your guests are really happy and dance the night away!



Client Support

We know that you are the client and this means that we a part of a bigger picture.  So we go out of our way to liaise with other providers (Caterers, Singers, Musicians, Hotel staff) so that the whole experience is joined up!


Big Venue Work

Sometimes we need to up our game for large venues.  We can provide bespoke sound systems for up to around 1000 people.  We can provide specialised music for awards ceremonies and (last year) even provide sound systems for boxing matches!

Awards Ceremony Central London.jpg
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