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Just a few of my most recent wedding celebrations!  Just so that you know, I am used to working in Inner London with all of the headaches that things like off street parking for a van entails.  Where else?  Last year I was in Manchester, Cambridge, Brighton (lots) and Cornwall for Truro Pride and Trans-Fest!

Sister Sledge - We Are Family (Discoslap Remix)


Weddings are such an important event.  I get booked quite a lot through an agency who has supported me through my transition.  But I am honoured to be part of the Rebel Love Directory too.

For a wedding I don't specify how many meetings (these can be face to face or, if more convenient, via Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp video or Google  Meets) we have.  I think it is important for my clients to feel comfortable to share their requirements exactly so that we are on the same page.

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