We pride ourselves in the work that we do and want to involve you as much or as little as you might wish.   We don't mind if you want your exact play list, but we might offer some suggestions!  We don't mind if you just want to give as a few tracks (or no tracks to work from!

We listen to you, our client, so we can understand, fully, what you want for your event.

We do use an app (Called Vibo) which you can down load onto your mobile phone and get really involved.  If you want to give us a Spotify ideas playlist, this is no problem!

Your event is as important to us as it is to you!  So, please, make sure that when considering a DJ for your event that, whoever you talk to, is willing to spend time talking to you throughout the lead time to your special event.  For us, we use Google Meets, WhatsApp to get to know you in person!